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Stretch tent 4,5 x 6

Stretch tent 4,5 x 6

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The stretch tent has evolved into a modern tent concept with Qtents as a leading European supplier. These innovative tents from Qtents are made of high-quality high-tech stretch fabric, making them optimally UV-, wind- and 100% waterproof. The distinctive open and flexible structure makes the stretch tent versatile and elegant. With patented High Frequency welded seams, our tents are durable and reusable season after season. Qtents stretch tents offer flexible, elegant protection from events to terrace solutions.

You can find more information about our stretch tents on our website:

Product information

- 100% waterproof top coated

- Extra coating is added for UV protection, anti fungus and algae treatment

- Textile look for authentic character

- Bottom side is coated: dirt-repellent and waterproof

- Weight: 750 g/m2

- Wind resistance force 9 Beaufort

- UV resistance 9

- Fire retardant B1- NF P92-503- DIN 4102-1



The comprehensive heavy rigging set comprises a variety of ropes, carabiners, and anchors meticulously designed to ensure the secure fastening of the tent to the ground, prioritising safety above all else. Each pole set is equipped with both edge poles and centre poles, providing stability and support throughout the tent structure. Additionally, the lightweight aluminium poleset presents an excellent choice for transportation, offering convenience and ease of mobility without compromising on durability or functionality.

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